Ecofibra FRP poles for energy transmission lines

One of the areas within the electrical sector that can benefit most from the advantages of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) poles is energy transmission. Among these advantages, we can highlight:

  • Ease of installation and assembly, which can be done in hard-to-reach places without the need for heavy equipment and with reduced execution time. Can you imagine this productivity gain? The fact is that the lightness conferred by fiberglass makes transport and installation procedures for FRP poles extremely simplified;

  • The reduction of vegetation cutting for the assembly of structures facilitates the release of environmental licenses and consequently reduces the project’s final schedule;

  • The fact that the poles can be sectioned into 2 or 3 parts allows them to be easily transported in small trucks or even in pickup trucks. As they are much lighter than traditional structures (concrete and metal), we have savings of 25% on the foundation, as one of the most important variables in the calculation is precisely the weight of the structure.

  • In addition, FRP poles are highly resistant and have low electrical conductivity, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Postes de Transmissão de Energia

Immune to corrosion

Fiberglass poles are completely inert and immune to any type of chemical corrosion (salt water, H2S), generic, galvanic, intergranular or graphitic corrosion that affect metal and concrete poles.

Low maintenance requirement

The external finishing surface is composed of a thermosetting resin-based layer with a UV-A and UV-B inhibitor and anti-flame protection, which gives poles excellent resistance to aging.

Easy transport and installation logistics

As FRP poles are 10 times lighter than concrete poles, this substantially simplifies logistics and installation, making them ideal for coastal regions and hard-to-reach areas.

Lower risk of electrical accidents

Fiberglass has low electrical conductivity. Hence, even if it contains wires with insulation problems, a pole made with this material does not cause electric shock. Even if a car crashes into a FRP pole, the damage to the vehicle and passengers will be significantly lower.

Lightweight and extremely durable

FRP poles are 10 times lighter than concrete poles, are a quarter the weight of steel, and are 25% lighter than aluminum. In terms of life cycle, composites can last more than 50 years.

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