Ecofibra FRP poles.
Unparalleled ease of

Ecofibra’s FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) poles are currently manufactured by the filament winding process, with diameters of up to 750mm, lengths from 3.0m to 44.0m, whole or sectioned, supporting rated loads of up to 1,800 daN, with a circular or square top.

The products manufactured by Ecofibra are used in different situations in the energy segment:

Poles for energy distribution
Poles for energy transmission
Poles for public lighting
Poles for telecommunications
Special designs

Postes de Distribuição de Energia em PRFV

Advantages of poles and crossarms in FRP:

Corrosion immunity

UV protection and flame protection

50 years’ service life, no maintenance required

FRP poles offer financial advantages when compared to
traditional products such as concrete poles

Lower transport cost

Lower maintenance cost

Lower installation cost




  • FRP pole (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) for energy distribution.
  • Pole with single or double section options.
  • Circular base and square top.
  • Smooth exterior finish and gelcoat paint in gray RAL 7040*.
  • Drilling in the square region with 18mm in diameter and spacing every 100mm on the opposite faces.
  • Pole similar to the double concrete “T”


(*) Other colors upon request.