Ecofibra FRP railings: Safety, Durability and Low Maintenance

When we talk about industrial environments, railings are a structure that play a fundamental role in people’s safety, protecting the side faces of stairs, walkways, terraces, mezzanines, ramps or open spans. In addition to preventing accidents, railings also have the function of handrail, which facilitates the movement of people.

Ecofibra has a solid track record in providing railings for large industries in the country in the most varied segments, such as: Chemical, Paper and Pulp Industries, Sugar and Alcohol Production Plants, in addition to Water, Sewage and Effluent Treatment Stations.

Why choose Ecofibra's FRP industrial railings?

Mechanical Resistance

The pultruded profiles have a high ratio between glass and resin, which provides high mechanical strength and makes the design very robust.

Customized making

We manufacture according to the needs of your industry and the characteristics of your design.

Low maintenance cost

FRP does not require any type of preventive and/or corrective maintenance, as it does not corrode and does not require cathodic protection.

Corrosion resistance

Pultruded profiles can be manufactured with different types of resin according to the application environment, which makes the product resistant to corrosion whatever the application.

Special Structures and Profiles

Ecofibra has an engineering team capable of developing profiles and special solutions for your application.

The pultrusion process allows the development of profiles of different shapes and sizes with characteristics superior to conventional materials.