FRP poles for TELECOM applications

Radio, TV, telephone and Internet

5G is already a reality in Brazil and Ecofibra is prepared for it. 5G technology promises greater data speed and range, which will require a large volume of antennas and their respective poles.

Our FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) poles for the telecommunications market can be manufactured with a usable height of up to 40 meters, consisting of up to four modules joined through a nipple or conical fitting system, and can be installed in any region of Brazil and South America.

These FRP poles meet both the condition of mounting the antennas at the top with the equipment installed on site, as well as the concept that 5G requires for small centers, with internal compartments for installing the equipment inside the pole itself, sized according to the technology needs.

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Postes para Telecomunicação

Some advantages of FRP telecommunication poles when compared to steel and concrete:

Lower foundation cost

As they are embedded in the ground, there are no costs with hardware, concrete and other inputs, in addition to calculation and engineering design and labor.

Immune to corrosion

Fiberglass poles are completely inert and immune to any type of chemical corrosion (salt water, H2S), generic, galvanic, intergranular or graphitic corrosion that affect metal and concrete poles.

Low maintenance

The external finishing surface is composed of a thermosetting resin-based layer with a UV-A and UV-B inhibitor and anti-flame protection, which gives the poles excellent resistance to aging. In terms of life cycle, composites can last more than 50 years.

Ease of logistics and installation

As FRP poles are 10 times lighter than concrete poles and are a quarter the weight of steel, the logistic and installation process is facilitated, being ideal for coastal regions and areas of difficult access.