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Filament Winding

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) is an innovative material produced through the Filament Winding process, a technique used to produce hollow and lightweight components, but with high strength. Products made using this technology are usually those with a constant cross section, such as pipes. The filaments are impregnated or coated with thermosetting resin, wound tightly around a mandrel and allowed to cure to a hard layer. The technique has the ability to produce low-weight, high-rigidity components. In order to achieve the desired low mass and low inertia in the finished article, the mandrel is removed after the resin has hardened so that the product achieves its final hollow condition.


In the pultrusion process, whose name comes from the expression “pull through”, the glass fibers impregnated with polyester resin are pulled through a heated mold at temperatures ranging from 60 to 250 °C, acquiring the final shape of the part.